Growth Connect


“Scott was spot on for how to build your business into a high value money maker and ultimately running it like an investor rather than full time as an operating CEO. He gave everybody great advice and insight. It was a real pleasure and an eye opener for many of our members. I recommend him to anyone who wants a great speaker and his book as a must read to all business owners.”
Jeff Wolfberg, President – CEO Focus of the Carolinas LLC

“I hired Scott to facilitate my executive team on our Top 5 and Q4. I have learned that I cannot facilitate my own team and Scott was the perfect choice. The amount of alignment and momentum our team has from our session with Scott is invaluable. In reading the 40 hour work year I have clarity in making decisions that are aligned with our CORE VALUES but even more so….I like using the Company, Owner, Employee filter that Scott presents. Great alignment, great momentum, and great results. Thanks Scott for making us a better team.”
DJ Rezac, Owner – KB Building Services, Inc

“Scott has been our strategy consultant for the past 3 years and has been instrumental in our transformation to thinking and acting like an enterprise level business. He provides a unique blend of theory and practical application. His experience as a business owner “in the trenches” allows him to quickly size up a situation and share key experiences. Scott has truly earned the status as a trusted advisor to our business.”
Kevin Higman, President – Wimmer Solutions

“Scott was a fantastic speaker at our October BIG (Books Inspire Growth) Breakfast in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He presents real business concepts in a natural, simple way that everyone can benefit from. He’s also someone who has done what he speaks and has written about. His new book The 40 Hour Work Year is a great, practical book that everyone that has an interest in owning a business should read. Scott knows what it takes to start, grow, run and exit a business profitably. He is an amazing speaker for business owners, entrepreneurs, management teams or individuals who want to run a business and not let a business run them. He’ll guide you about some of the key pitfalls that owners run into and how to successfully avoid them. Scott’s focus is all about maximizing the value of your business without sacrificing your quality of life. Read the book, book him as a speaker or beg him to coach you. You’ll be glad you did.”
Wendy Lieber, President – Athena Marketing

“Scott did a great job leading our team through our first facilitated Strategic Session. The team loved it and we walked away engaged, with one voice and ready to execute the plan!”
Dale Williams, Founder – Medical Solutions

“Scott moderated an all-day strategy session for my company, and it was the most effective and productive day I have been involved in since I started my company eight years ago. He has a rare gift for guiding a team to a collective agreement on purpose and long-term vision, the strategic moves to move towards that vision this year, the numbers by which to measure that journey, and the specific actions to move forward in the next ninety days.

Lots of consultants talk about achieving this kind of clarity, but few can actually pull it off. It’s hard to imagine a better investment in your business than hiring Scott.”
Cameron Madill, CEO – Synotac

“After reading his book, I hired Scott to moderate a one day business retreat of my management team. Scott organized the day from A to Z and directed our thoughts towards common goals for 2012 (and much more). This was the first time in 38 years this company hired an outside consultant to moderate our goal setting. It was well worth it.”
David Ryan , President – LaPointe Drainage

“I have decades of industry experience including 25 years executive management in Silicon Valley. Despite this I have learned so much from Scott Fritz’s innovative approach to solving common problems that face all managers including how to recruit and retain top talent, how to find and keep clients, and how to manage priorities.”
Roy Nakamura, President – Horizon Web Marketing

“In as little as 4 hours, we accomplished more with Scott than we had in 4 years. It was worth every dime to have him facilitate our management team meeting. We are finally on the same page and working toward our most important goals. Thank you Scott!”
Theresa Fette, Founder – Provident Trust

“Scott did a fabulous job getting participation from our team in our strategy session. I had tried to lead the session myself for years and he got more out of them in one day than I had since we started. He kept the day moving with lots of energy and no nonsense approaches that have helped us get real results. He did not let us off with weak answers to what our key strategies and actions needed to be.”
Greg Crabtree, CEO – Crabtree, Rowe & Berger

“I hired Scott to put together a strategic planning session with my executive team. What we got was more than a plan at the end of the session. Scott brought new insights and creative ways to get our team aligned, focused and accountable. After just a few months of working with Scott our team was able to increase sales and profits in the company with less people. He also consulted with me during the acquisition of my company. He was instrumental in providing detailed tips on how to handle the acquisition, what to look for and most importantly what to ask for. I have asked Scott to speak at many of our company’s seminars with and by far he is the one speaker the audience always wants to hear more from. I would highly recommend working with Scott because of the value he will bring you and your company.”
David Gass, Founder – Vision Group Management